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Comparing Amazon EC2 to Joyent SmartOS

13 июня, 2013

Recently, I’ve been using Amazon web services (EC2, especially) quite a bit more at work. At home, I still use OpenIndiana, so I’ve been really interested in comparing Joyent’s offerings against Am…


Sergey Gitinsky‘s insight:

Good comparison made by Natt Conolly.

He investigated 3 physical machines and 3 instances (1 Joyent & 2 AWS) running the same benchmark.
Here is the conclusion:
«My laptop with 4 threads could do the CPU work of 5.7 small amazon EC2 instances, worth $270/month. And my Xeon box with 8 threads could do the work of 27.8 small instances, worth $1320/month. (I built the whole machine for $1200!!). Mind you, these comparisons are on the native operating system, but if you’re running a machine in house this is an option, so might be worth consideration…
…Joyent CPU comes in more than 4 times cheaper than Amazon EC2.
Amazon need to lift their game in terms of CPU performance. They offer a great service that obviously extends far beyond a simple CPU benchmark. But when you can get the same work done in Joyent significantly faster for the comparable price, you’ll get far more mileage per instance, which is ultimately going to save the dollars.»

See on mattconnolly.wordpress.com

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