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Why SysAdmin’s Can’t Code

13 июня, 2013

Most systems administrators are quick, perhaps too quick, to tell you “I’m not a coder.”  Oddly, this admission normally comes after boasting about how many programming languages they know or have used.  Why is this?

Sergey Gitinsky‘s insight:

Excellent article abour SysAdmins psychology!

1) SA’s are learners since they have to know a lot of tools for solving potential prolems. They learn about new tool then go to learning another, without using previous. They are «masters of all».
2) They are «Hello world» programmers in a dozen of languages
3) They are purists and have big ego. That’s why they think about libraries and modules as cheating.
4) They prefer to script more then program. Since scripting lets put different tools together.
5) They have big ego and often think about how others will treat their code and… prefer not to write it at all.

Brilliant! I have known myself in this article. Thanks author!

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