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ZFS: Read Me 1st

14 июня, 2013


Sergey Gitinsky‘s insight:

Good artcle describing things which are not common wiith  ZFS. It has it’s own share of caveats, gotchya’s, hidden «features» etc.

17 rules for ZFS admins, dos and donts to take care of. Some of them obvious but anyway… Look, for example…

1) IOPS are factor of number of vdevs, not raw disks! If vdev contains 100 disks IOPS will be as only one. Think about it before designing your pools.
2) Deduplication is not free. It could eat a lot of RAM. If you turn on deduplication not carefully you could come to fast decreasing performance. So don’t turn it on without ful understanding of what you are doing!
3) Snapshots are not backups. And one ‘zfs destroy’ by a disgruntled employee, one fire in your datacenter, one random chance of bad luck that causes a whole backplane, JBOD, or a number of disks to die at once, one faulty HBA, etc, etc, etc — and poof, your pool is gone. So you have to MAKE BACKUPS.

See on nex7.blogspot.ru

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